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What’s the difference between a Hollywood Wax, Brazilian Wax & Bikini Wax?

Difference between a Hollywood Wax, Brazilian & Bikini Wax? Graphic

What's the difference between a Hollywood Wax, Brazilian & Bikini Wax?

I get asked this all the time! So don’t be embarrassed if you’re unsure – here’s the low down…

Bikini Wax

All hair outside your standard underwear is removed, you will be waxed up to the crease where your thigh meets your pubic area, and also a little at the top where your underwear meets your tummy. You’ll be waxed a little underneath where the underwear reaches so as to keep unruly hairs from poking out)!

Who is the Bikini Wax for?

This is ideal for if you’re going swimming, or you want to keep neat & tidy. This is also a nice intro to Brazilian or Hollywood waxing if you’re nervous!

Brazilian Wax

Most hair from your intimate areas will be removed, leaving a 1-2 inch strip of hair from the top of your pubic area, all the way back (you’ll still have a little hair in between your cheeks!). In regards to maintenance, you might still want to trim the hair that’s left to keep the hair tidy.

Who is the Brazilian Wax for?

This is great if you want smooth skin, but you’re working your way up to having it all off! Some women prefer to have a little hair left, it’s totally personal to each individual.

Hollywood Wax

All hair will be removed! Front front to back, and everything in between! You do have the option of leaving a strip of hair left at the very front, whilst having all hair removed underneath and at the back (bum!). Most of my clients choose to have the full Hollywood (all hair off) as it’s hassle free and leaves the smoothest skin ever!

Who is the Hollywood Wax for?

This is my most popular treatment! If you want low maintenance, smooth skin & long term reduced hair growth – this is for you! I recommend when you begin having Hollywood waxes, you re-book for every month, these one month gaps will give you the best results. Once you’ve been waxing for a while you’ll find you can leave longer in between waxes.

As with all waxing, do let the therapist know that it’s your first time because they’ll be more likely to explain what they’re doing, as they’re doing it – this will make you feel more at ease! If you want to know what to expect at your first Hollywood, read my free guide here!

*Do double check with your salon as they might have their own definitions or additions such as High Bikini, G-String & Playboy. Book your best wax at BodySecrets today.