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5 Things you need to know before having a Hollywood Wax

Things to know before having a Hollywood Wax graphic

5 Things you need to know before having a Hollywood Wax or Brazilian Wax

Does the therapist use hot wax?

Hot wax is an absolute MUST! (see why here). Hot wax is different to warm/strip wax. If you’re looking for the best results and the least pain – avoid warm or strip wax and choose hot wax! 

Great reviews 

Does the salon have good reviews in intimate waxing? Would you want someone fixing your car when their main job is fixing watches? Probably not! Choose a waxing specialist!


What is a Hollywood Wax?

 This can vary slightly between different countries and even different salons. Sometimes Brazilian and Hollywood are terms that are used interchangeably, and it can get a little confusing! What is the difference between a Hollywood Wax, Brazilian & Bikini Wax?


Underwear on or off?

Will the salon make you remove your underwear? If the thought of this makes you feel uncomfortable, best ask before you book! If you’re happy either way, this is less crucial for you.


We’ve seen it all before

The therapist will see your vagina, and they won’t care! Your vagina will not shock, horrify or embarrass your therapist! So try to relax before having a Hollywood Wax.


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