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Top tips to make Hollywood waxing less embarrassing Although this article is about making Hollywood waxing less embarrassing – I
How can I stop bruises in waxing? Stretch!Don't be afraid to stretch your skin! Your therapist will likely ask you
How does Hot Wax work? 1. Wax is applied thickly to the skin with a wooden spatula. Hot wax is
What is Hot Wax? Hot wax is a life saver!Though it is called hot, don't be alarmed! It is warmer
How often should I book my wax appointments? It varies on the individual, the area being waxed and the speed
Will waxing hurt less the more I have it done? Yes! The first few waxes are always the worst. You might
"What does exfoliating do? Should I exfoliate after waxing?" The answer is simple. Yes. Exfoliating when waxing is so important.
Should I get a lip wax? (Or 'tash', moustache wax?) Fact. Most women have hair on their face! Lip, chin,
How to stop ingrown hairs…? EXFOLIATE! Start exfoliating about 3 days after your waxing session, continue to exfoliate every 2
"Will waxing make my hair grow back worse?" I hear this myth and concern all the time…  I'm pleased to say,
How can I make my feet smooth and soft? BUFF & EXFOLIATE!   Exfoliation is the best way to get
How To Reduce Hair Growth? Wax. Wax. Wax!   Have regular waxing, when I say regular, I mean every 3-6
Can I shave between waxes? No! Well technically you can, the waxing fairy isn't going to come and hunt you down,
Is a Hollywood Wax worth it? Yes! You should have a Hollywood Wax if you…Want reduced hair growthWant a smooth
How long does a Hollywood Wax take? On average, between 20 & 60 minutes. The time it takes depends on
How can I find the Best Salon for a Hollywood Wax? Here are the top things to look for when