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Where can I find great waxing in kent?

At BodySecrets, you will find the best waxing, always with a smile. It’s my aim to make every woman who enters my studio feel welcome and relaxed. After all, waxing can be a pleasant part of self care if done correctly!

Are you worried about Waxing?

I provide all over body waxing for women, if there is hair there, I will wax it. I’m a Hollywood Wax specialist so please, feel no shame, embarrassment or fear when you’re coming to me for a wax. I really have seen it all and honestly… it all looks the same!

Perhaps you’ve had a bad wax experience, or you’ve never had waxing because you feel anxious about the pain? You’re not alone! By all means let me know that you feel worried! I will never judge you. My focus is making waxing as pleasant and pain free as possible. I will take my time, explain to you what I’m doing during the process. After your first treatment with me, you’ll feel more confident and even look forward to booking your next wax!


What is Intimate Waxing?

Bikini Wax – Hair removed from outside of underwear line.

Brazilian – Hair removed but leaving a strip in the middle from front to back.

Hollywood– All hair removed from front to back with or without a small strip of hair left at the front.

*I only use Hot Wax on Intimate areas as it’s less painful.

What is Waxing?

Waxing removes the hair from the root, resulting in smooth, hairless skin. With regular waxing appointments the hair is removed more easily and less painfully each time.

After a few sessions you will notice that the hair regrowth is finer, softer, and less dense. The results usually last for 3-5 weeks, depending on your hair-growth.

 Woman Having Leg Waxing Treatment

I also offer weekend and evening availability, you can book your wax treatment at BodySecrets online.

Visit BodySecrets for your waxing in Kent!