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How Long Should I Wait Between Waxes?

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How often should I book my wax appointments?

It varies on the individual, the area being waxed and the speed of regrowth. 


As a general rule, you should have a 3 – 6 week wait  between waxes. Once you’ve had regular waxing for a while and your hair regrowth is significantly reduced, you might find you can have a longer wait between waxes, even every 2 months. 


However, I find that one month is my personal sweet spot. I definitely notice the difference in comfort between one month and two months! 

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Most of my clients book for the same time each month, therefore knowing the hair growth will be suitable and their periods shouldn’t interfere! (You can still have waxing whilst on your period, some say it’s a little more sensitive). This also means you can plan in advance, booking around holidays and special events! 


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