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Does Waxing get Less Painful?

does waxing get less painful over time - infographic
Friends - women waxing eachothers legs

Will waxing hurt less the more I have it done?

Yes! The first few waxes are always the worst. 

You might feel a bit nervous, and uncomfortable as it’s a new experience. 

The hairs have likely never been removed from the root! So when the hairs are removed, discomfort can be felt in the pores of the skin and also where the root is being removed underneath the skin.

Why does waxing get less painful?

If you have regular waxing, less hairs grow back each time, and the hairs are finer. The less hair you have, the less pain felt! This is the same whether you’re having Hollywood waxing, Brazilian waxing, Bikini waxing, or any other waxing.

If the hairs are removed when they’ve not been growing for that long, they are not as firmly rooted as those that have been growing for a long time. 
Therefore they are more easily and comfortably removed!

(Think of the ease of pulling out a tiny weed compared to an oak tree!).

We all know Joey likes to exaggerate and waxing doesn’t really hurt this bad! If you’d like to begin your low-pain waxing journey, book your first appointment online at BodySecrets.