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How Does Hot Wax Work?

how does hot wax work - infographic
Women in white bikini bottoms with smooth skin and feather

How does Hot Wax work?

1. Wax is applied thickly to the skin with a wooden spatula.

Hot wax is applied to the skin in a thick, malleable liquid form – think like a golden syrup/putty type consistency. 


2. Wax hardens as it cools and grips the hairs.

It is warm but comfortable to the touch. Once it’s on the skin, it will start to cool and solidify, becoming firmer and securing the hairs in the wax. It will then no longer be sticky (unlike strip wax – see Joey below!).


3. Wax is then removed quickly by hand.

When set, it will have a slight flexibility which allows the wax to be removed quickly and comfortably by the therapists hands, not using strips!


To remove, the therapist will leave a thicker edge of wax and this will allow them to flick up an end in order to remove quickly.


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