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Why Should I Exfoliate?

should I exfoliate - infographic

"What does exfoliating do? Should I exfoliate after waxing?"

The answer is simple. Yes.

Exfoliating when waxing is so important. Hairs are removed from the root with the wax, and they grow back finer. The new hairs try to grow back through the skin, but they might get trapped under the skin due to being thinner hair. This is how you get ingrown hairs!


By exfoliating, you remove the dead & dry skin, (which traps the hairs) and allow the hairs to grow naturally through the skin, ready to be removed on your next wax.


When should I exfoliate?

I recommend waxing the day before your wax, and also 3 days after your wax (don’t wax immediately after your wax!). After the first 3 days, exfoliate every 2-3 days until your next wax. This is a good routine to get into, especially when you finish your exfoliation with moisturising!