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Should I Get a Lip Wax?

Should I get a lip wax - infographic
gif of woman having a lip wax

Should I get a lip wax? (Or 'tash', moustache wax?)

Fact. Most women have hair on their face!

Lip, chin, cheeks – it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.


I get asked all the time ‘should I wax my lip?’. The answer is easy. Does the hair bother you? If you notice unwanted hair on your face, and would like it not to be there, then have it removed. Waxing is the best way to do this effectively.


There are different types of hair that you might find on your face. Thick, coarse hair and fine, soft hair. Whichever hair you have on your lip/chin area, it can be removed via waxing – waxing does not stimulate extra hair growth!


My best advice is if you have unwanted facial hair, then please have it removed from the root, through either waxing, or laser hair removal. Don’t use hair removal creams, or shaving! Hair removal cream or shaving will not cause the hair to come back finer, it will have to be done much more regularly, and the hairs that grow will feel spikier.


I hope this answers your question: ‘should I get a lip wax?’. For more advice, read “Will waxing cause my hair to grow back worse?”