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What to Expect at your First Hollywood Wax

What to expect at your first hollywood wax - graphic

What to expect at your first Hollywood Wax or Brazilian Wax!

Before your Wax

1. You will be greeted by your therapist with a smile.

2. Your therapist will ask how you’re feeling about the wax, if you’ve had intimate waxing before and if you have any concerns?

3. The therapist will give you the choice of leaving your underwear on or off (see pro’s and con’s here – link to other blog), she will then leave the room for you to prepare and get comfortable on the salon couch.

4. The therapist will check you are ready before re-entering, then will prepare for treatment.

During your Wax

5. The therapist will put gloves on and check the temperature of the wax on her wrist before starting.

6. You might be asked to move your legs into different positions.

7. The therapist will use clean wooden spatulas to apply small sections of wax (I only use hot wax) onto the skin, starting from the outside of the bikini line and working inwards.

*If the wax feels too hot when applied to the skin at any point you must let the therapist know!*

8. The therapist might apply several sections of wax at once, before allowing the wax to set and removing. This makes the process faster and more comfortable for you.

9. The therapist will engage in conversation, so as to relax you and distract you from any uncomfortable parts of the treatment.

11. Once the hair is removed from the front, sides and underneath. You will be offered a buttocks wax – yes this includes the crack too!

12. This part is quick, almost painless, and will be over soon! I pride myself in using dignified positions during waxing, so I would ask you to lay on one side and bend one knee.

However, it’s likely that elsewhere you’ll be asked to go onto your hands and knees, like the Cat/Cow position in yoga!

After your wax

Congratulations! Your first wax is over. The next wax will be easier, quicker and more comfortable! (as in literally a little less painful – the hair has been removed from the root and has less time to grow back!).

*This is how it’s done at BodySecrets, and hopefully your waxing experience will be as pleasant and professional as this – though I really can’t vouch for all other salons!* If you’d like to have your first Hollywood Wax at BodySecrets, you can book your appointment online.