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Is Having a Hollywood Wax Embarrassing?

Is having a Hollywood Wax embarrassing? Graphic

Is having a Hollywood Wax, Brazilian Wax or Bikini Wax embarrassing?

For your first few waxes, or when you see a new therapist, you might feel a little embarrassed or uncomfortable. A good therapist should reassure you and make you feel at ease. It’s important to build a relationship of mutual trust and respect, this will make for a more pleasant experience. 



Waxing shouldn’t be embarrassing! Having hair and ‘being hairy’ is normal. There are many different factors that can contribute to different levels of hair growth:



  • Genetics 

  • Hormonal changes such as PCOS

  • Ethnic background

  • And that’s just a few!



No matter how hairy or hairless you are, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed! Don’t let anyone make you feel that way. If you’re still not convinced, read my ‘top tips for making waxing less embarrassing!’.



If you’re considering having a Hollywood Wax, choose an Intimate Waxing specialist, book your appointment at BodySecrets now.