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3 Things your Wax Therapist Isn’t Telling you!

3 Things your wax therapist isn't telling you - graphic

3 Things your Wax Therapist isn't telling you...

We’ve see it all…

1. We’ve seen hundreds of vaginas, yours will not be not be the first to look “a certain way” – we really have seen it all! Don’t be afraid or embarrassed. We don’t tend to talk about it too much, it seems a but braggy. But if you’ve ever seen an episode of naked attraction? Yeah, a wax therapists’ working life is a bit like that!


We forget 

We forget what your vagina looks like as soon as you’ve got your clothes on! If we see you in the supermarket, we will not think about your vagina or what it looks like… We don’t recognise vaginas by faces or vice versa!


We enjoy our job!

Not in a weird way, but we do it because it’s satisfying and we know we’re making a difference! Intimate waxing is one of my favourite things – here’s why. *How many times can you say the word vagina in one post?* Ans. 4 – Not as many as I thought – will have to try more next time!


Hopefully now I’ve shared a few of our trade secrets, you’ll feel a little more comfortable when you book your next wax! If you’d like to experience a famous BodySecrets Hollywood Wax – you can book yours online today!