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Why I Love Hollywood Waxing

Why I love hollywood waxing - graphic

Why do I love Hollywood waxes as a treatment?

This sounds weird… I know. But ‘bare’ with me! 


It’s one of my favourite treatments to do, because I know how life-changing the benefits can be! I also know that often it can be very uncomfortable and awkward during the wax. Which is why I ensure my waxing is the most comfortable (both physically & mentally), whilst getting the best results. 


One reason why it’s one of my favourite treatments is because I know I’m good at it. This goes against my usual British modesty! My clients consistently return to me for their Hollywood Wax treatments, this has allowed me to develop specialist techniques that are guaranteed more comfort than your usual wax!


I get immense satisfaction from knowing that I provide my clients the best service possible, without pain, in a relaxing environment.

The reason I’m stating I enjoy waxing, is because I’ve had waxing by therapists that didn’t enjoy waxing. I could 100% tell! It’s rushed, there are hairs missed, it’s painful, it’s awkward, it’s just unpleasant in every way.


My intention is to turn waxing from something that is dreaded to a positive experience, where it feels like catching up with a friend during a painless treatment.


If you’re looking for a wax therapist, please choose someone who is: experienced, welcoming, and enjoys the treatment! If you’d like to experience a Hollywood Wax by an expert – book your appointment at BodySecrets online.