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Should I Take Off My Underwear for a Hollywood Wax?

Underwear off for a Hollywood Wax

Should I take my underwear off for a Hollywood Wax?

To go commando or to keep them on?

There are pros and cons to taking underwear off for a Hollywood Wax. Some salons will only work with them on, some will only work with them off. I personally give my clients the option, after explaining the following: 


…of removing your underwear.

You will not get wax on your underwear.

You won’t get stuck to your underwear.

The treatment will be quicker You will most likely get better results (there might be a sneaky little bit of hair that goes unnoticed, hiding behind underwear if you keep them on).

Your underwear won’t get sweaty – I know this sounds a bit gross, but you probably will sweat during your waxing treatment – it’s totally normal! 



…of removing your underwear.

You might feel more comfortable, especially the first time If you feel more comfortable, you might be inclined to return regularly – giving you the best results!

Ultimately – it’s your choice. You can always opt to start off with your underwear on and as you get more used to a therapist after a couple of sessions you might prefer to remove it.

Your therapist will actually see your vagina, whether your underwear is on or off – in order to remove the hairs – but here’s why you shouldn’t worry about that.

*If this is a concern of yours – be warned there are some salons which – by their own policy – require removal of underwear, so check before you book.


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