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When Will I Start Seeing Results From Waxing?

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When Will I Start Seeing Results from Waxing?

You will see the results immediately – you will return from your waxing treatment hair free! The exciting bit is when your hair grows back, the regrowth will be reduced and the hairs will be finer. Most of my clients notice this improvement after only two sessions!


If you continue with regular waxing, you’ll notice that within a matter of months, the hair growth will start to reduce even more! The hair tends to thin out and you’ll most likely be left with bald spots! Which obviously, you wouldn’t want anywhere on your body, except for legs, armpits, lip, bikini area etc. Bald spots means a) you’re getting the best results from waxing and b) less hair to wax… so less discomfort and quicker wax treatments – yay!


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