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What is an Ingrown Hair?

What is an ingrown hair - graphic
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What is an ingrown hair?

An ingrown hair is where a hair has become trapped underneath the skin as it is growing. Ingrown hairs can arise whether you wax, shave, or even leave your hair au natural.


There are different types of ingrown hairs you might find, whether or not you use hair removal techniques. I’ve given them nicknames because… why not?


The flat one.

You might notice a dark straight line underneath your skin, this is where the hair has not penetrated the skin and has continued to grow flat underneath the skin. These can be a little difficult to remove, if in doubt, ask your esthetician (or wax therapist)!


The white spot.

Sometimes a few little white spots can appear – these are like little whiteheads, these usually signify a little ingrown hair. These can be smoothed out by a gentle exfoliation.


The curly surprise.

This is by far the best ingrown hair to remove. So satisfying! They might appear as a small bump or a little blackhead. During removal, the hair just keeps on going! Kind of like pulling a never ending scarf out of a magician’s sleeve!


What causes ingrown hairs?


Ingrown hairs are very common, they can be caused by blocked pores. Pores can be blocked by dry, dead skin. It is Noften caused by shaving, when the hairs are cut very close to the skin. The skin might become inflamed or irritated, therefore blocking the hairs as they try to grow through. I hope this has answered ‘what is an ingrown hair?’. If you suffer from ingrown hairs, read my top tips on how to stop getting ingrown hairs! 


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