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Is a Hollywood Wax Painful?

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Is a Hollywood Wax painful?

The worried expression across a new clients face when they ask… “Does it hurt?”. I won’t lie, it’s not the most comfortable experience, especially on your first wax! (Find out why your first wax is the worst, and why it gets better each time here).


Whilst it’s not the most comfortable, it is easily bearable. It also gets more comfortable if you continue with regular waxing.


The real question is… What does a Hollywood Wax feel like? 


I hate when people say an injection feels like a sharp scratch… to me, it feels like a small needle being inserted and fluid being pushed through the needle! So I’m always honest to my clients!


A Hollywood Wax feels like a group of hairs being quickly removed from your bikini area. It’s much more comfortable than tweezing or epilating! This is because you’re removing more than one hair one movement. (Have you ever pulled out one single hair compared to a group of hairs?).


My signature technique involves immediately placing slight pressure on the waxed area which numbs the sensation.


If you’re worried, ‘is a Hollywood Wax painful?’ download my free guide on how to have your best & most comfortable Hollywood Wax here. 


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