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Do I Have to be Naked for a Hollywood Wax?

Do I Have to be Naked for a Hollywood Wax? graphic

Do I have to be naked for a Hollywood Wax?

Personally I give my clients the choice of whether they would like to remove or keep their underwear on. Having your underwear off does have it’s advantages, you won’t get wax on your underwear, and it does tend to be quicker, (read my full list of pros and cons).


In my eyes, the most important thing is client comfort. I would never force or insist a client removes their underwear in order to perform the treatment – I simply explain the pros & cons and leave it to their discretion. This policy does vary salon to salon, so I would double check before booking your appointment if this is something you are worried about. I know some salons do require it – so bear this in mind, you might be asked to remove your underwear.


When you undress you should be given privacy, the therapist will usually leave the room to allow you to get ready and comfortable before beginning. You might also be given a towel to place over your lap for your modesty.


*If you wish to wear underwear during your treatment, I would recommend cotton underwear that reveals as much skin as possible – the skimpier the better! Also make sure it’s not your favourite pair as you might get some wax on them!

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