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How to Make Hollywood Waxing Less Embarrassing

How to Make Hollywood Waxing Less Embarrassing graphic
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Top tips to make Hollywood waxing less embarrassing

Although this article is about making Hollywood waxing less embarrassing – I want to state that it is a perfectly normal treatment, and we should not feel embarrassed about it. We’re all girls here!


Firstly, let’s recognise the top things women find most embarrassing about intimate waxing. I asked several women, ‘what do you find embarrassing about waxing?’, and here are the things they found most embarrassing.


‘I’m worried about how it looks…’

‘I worry about someone seeing my vagina’, ‘What if it doesn’t look right?’, ‘What if they make fun of me?’.


‘I’m worried about how it smells…’

‘What if I smell?’, ‘What if I’m not fresh?’, ‘What if I’m sweaty?’


‘What if it hurts too much?’

‘What if it hurts so much I have to stop?’, ‘What if they think I’m a wimp?’.


Now, let’s get onto tackling those fears and embarrassments!


How it looks.

It’s insanely common for us to worry about what our vaginas look like. Honestly I’ve been asked so many times – does this look normal? Am I normal?

Our vaginas can be a huge source of insecurity. I’ll admit – I’m not insecure about mine, but that’s likely because for the last several years I’ve seen more vaginas than you could imagine! I’ve seen enough vaginas to know that essentially. They all look the same. Yes, even yours.

You see, most women only see a few. If out of those few, you notice yours looks a little different, you’re likely to panic that you’re the odd one out (this is human nature). When you see hundreds of women, undressed from the waist down, you very quickly realise they’re all the same! With a few minor changes here and there, but not enough to warrant mass panic.


Vagina rant over. You must accept that your vagina is normal, and your wax therapist has seen so many that she won’t be concerned, it’s a work area for your therapist. Not something to be objectified or studied.


How it smells.

This is normal, it’s one of the fun facts we women have to deal with! Most therapists won’t get their face super close because… well why would you? Here are some little tricks to deal with this:


  1. Know that the therapist is used to natural body smells and won’t be alarmed or shocked. They spend their lives close to naked women, and smells are all part of that.


  2. Take baby wipes with you, and have a quick freshen up whilst the therapist leaves the room for you to undress.


  3. Spray perfume on your clothes before your session, (NOT ON YOUR VAGINA!) the smell will make you feel more comfortable and will cover any smells you are concerned about.


How it feels.

Accept that it will be slightly uncomfortable, but bearable, you’ve got this!


Tell your therapist that you’re nervous, they’ll likely be very understanding and reassure you.


Keep the conversation going if you can, this is something I always try to do with my clients, it helps to take the focus away from the feeling of waxing and distracts them!


Choose a therapist that you know is a waxing specialist. They’ll have more experience, and this usually makes for a more comfortable treatment. 

Before booking, check for great reviews about their waxing and low pain – it’s always reassuring to know others have been there before and have had good experiences!


BREATHE. You’ve got this! If you want to experience waxing with an Intimate Wax Specialist – book online for your appointment at BodySecrets.