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Is a Hollywood Wax Worth It?

Is a Hollywood Wax worth it? Infographic

Is a Hollywood Wax worth it?

Yes! You should have a Hollywood Wax if you…

  • Want reduced hair growth

  • Want a smooth bikini area for longer

  • Want the smoothest skin ever – I’m talking dolphin smooth!

  • Want as little maintenance as possible.

  • Get shaving rash

  • Hate shaving every other day

  • Get painful ingrown hairs


I always say if you’re going to do something, do it right. There’s no point doing something half heartedly. If you’re going to have a Hollywood wax, you should aim to commit to it every month. It does get more comfortable each time! Plus the hair regrowth is a dream!

Hollywood waxing is a game changer!

If it’s the investment you’re concerned about, look at salons that offer different financial options. For example I offer a waxing membership to those who have monthly waxing, it saves my clients money and also guarantees them a monthly waxing slot.


If you’re concerned about the potential discomfort/awkwardness – go to someone recommended who you trust, or at least try them with a different less intimate treatment first.


If you have more questions or are just unsure – feel free to read more of my blog – I aim to answer everything about waxing – or drop me or your local salon a message. Most of the people who work in this industry have a kind, caring nature and would be more than happy to help!


If you’re still wondering – is a Hollywood Wax worth it? I’d be more than happy to discuss it with you. If you’re convinced and want to start straight away – you can book online here!