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Can I Shave Between Waxes?

Can i shave between waxes infographic
woman with red hair with arm lifted to expose underarm

Can I shave between waxes?


Well technically you can, the waxing fairy isn’t going to come and hunt you down, but you still shouldn’t do it!

You shouldn’t shave in between waxing because it will impair the results you get from waxing, and make waxing more uncomfortable for you. 

When can I shave between waxes?



Never, unless you want more discomfort! If you only wax, then the hair will grow finer over time, this happens because the hair has been growing for a shorter time. When new hairs start to grow, they are fine and soft. After the hairs have been growing for a while, they get more nutrients from your body and blood supply. This causes the hair to become thicker, stronger and more firmly rooted. 


If we remove the finer newly grown hair from the root, it is much more comfortable and gets more effective results. That’s why we encourage regular waxing. 


If we remove hair that has been growing for a long time, either hair that hasn’t been waxed or hair that has been waxed a few months ago but has been shaved in between, the hairs, though short, are still thicker and more deeply rooted. This makes for a more uncomfortable wax.


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