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How to Reduce Hair Growth

How to reduce hair growth infographic
woman holding her bare leg after waxing or moisturising

How To Reduce Hair Growth?

Wax. Wax. Wax!


Have regular waxing, when I say regular, I mean every 3-6 weeks!) If waxing isn’t your thing, then feel free to try epilating or laser hair removal. 


Shaving, trimming and hair removal creams will not reduce your hair growth as they only “cut” the hair at skin level. 


To reduce the hair growth, you need to remove the hair from the root (as done in waxing, laser hair removal or epilating – or tweezing… but who has time to tweeze their legs?!).

If done regularly, waxing will reduce hair growth from any part of the body. From your underarms to your toes to your chin. Waxing will never stimulate hair growth! It will only ever reduce it.

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