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How to Get Smooth Feet

How to get smooth feet infographic

How can I make my feet smooth and soft?



Exfoliation is the best way to get smooth feet. But did you know it’s actually a 3 step process?


Woman in bath soaking her feet

Step 1. Soak

In order to get the best results, you should first soak the skin in warm water. Soaking your skin in the bath is ideal, or even a shower (if you have a shower in tub situation you can put the plug in so your feet soak while you’re showering!)

After you’ve soaked your feet, make sure to dry them fairly thoroughly before buffing, this ensures maximum hard skin removal.

Womans feet in the sand with bright blue nail varnish on her toes

Step 2. Exfoliate/Buff

*For this next part, you’ll probably want an old towel underneath your feet to catch any dead skin – yep – lovely right! 

I find the best way to exfoliate dry/hard skin is to use a pedicure buffer – I use these – affiliate amazon link here.

Start using the buffer on the areas where there is hard or dry skin (usually the heels and balls of the feet). You might find a backward and forward motion works well, or you might want to go in one direction only – try both to see what suits you!


Moisturiser in a glass tub surrounded by flowers

Step 3. Moisturise

Once you’ve finished buffing the skin, apply a moisturiser or oil to your feet. This is usually done best at night because then you won’t slip if bare foot, and some people hate the feeling of putting socks on moisturised feet.


*If you have really hard, dry, thick, cracked skin – you will benefit from a professional pedicure first to start the process, then you can follow up at home with your own skin buffing.

Feel free to book an appointment with me, I’d be delighted to help you to get smooth feet!