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When Should I Have a Hollywood Wax?

Best Time to Have a Hollywood Wax - Graphic

When's the best time to have a Hollywood Wax?

Ladies, I know how you like to be organised and plan your waxing around events such as holidays, or even weddings! I’m asked frequently: “I’m going on holiday on Saturday so when’s the best time to have a Hollywood wax?”


I would recommend, if it’s your first wax – book it for 3 days before you go on holiday if you can. This is because you want to have smooth, hairless skin whilst you’re away, but those 3 days will let your skin settle in case you have any redness.


However, if you’re a seasoned waxer, you should be fine to have your wax 24 hours before you’re going to have any sun exposure. So 1-2 days before your holiday might be more suitable. 


Allowing 1-2 day after your wax should give your skin enough time to settle if there is any redness or sensitivity.

If it’s a special event such as your wedding. I always suggest creating a plan.
You can work on this with your therapist if you have a variety of other treatments you’d like, including pedicures/ manicures/ facials etc. Ideally, you don’t want to have these treatments for the first time immediately before your wedding.


I’d recommend trying to get at least 2 waxes in before your final, pre-wedding wax. You usually want these waxes about a month apart, so here’s an example of when to start.


Wax: 12th April

Wax: 12th May

Final pre-wedding wax: 12th June

Wedding date: 14th June


Waxes don’t have to be the exact same date every month, some of my clients prefer having the same date each month as it makes it easier in their schedule, whereas some of my clients will book the first Monday of each (as an example). If you’d like to start regular comfortable waxing – book your first appointment at BodySecrets now.