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“Will Waxing Make my Hair Grow Back Worse?”

Will waxing make my hair grow back worse? Infographic
Woman standing with her chin resting on her hand, looking curious

"Will waxing make my hair grow back worse?"

I hear this myth and concern all the time… 


I’m pleased to say, the answer is NO!


Waxing will improve your hair growth! It does not stimulate increased hair growth. It does the opposite. Waxing will, in time, reduce hair growth, whether it be on your face, your legs, your bikini area, or anywhere else! 


Waxing will not make your hair grow back worse!



Yes! If you don’t believe me, let me put it this way, during training, my peers and I quickly ran out of hairy areas to wax, so we began waxing… everything. We haven’t started spontaneously growing hair in random places, nor are we extra hairy. In fact, we are less hairy because we’ve been waxing regularly for so long now!