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How to Find the Best Salon for a Hollywood Wax

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How can I find the Best Salon for a Hollywood Wax?

Here are the top things to look for when choosing somewhere to have your Hollywood wax:


Make sure they know what they’re talking about (and waxing about) – Hollywood waxing is an advanced treatment,  you want someone who specialises in it and who has had lots of practice. Ideally you do not want to be someones first try!



Look at the reviews! Make sure they have recommendations and specifically about waxing. Ask your friends where they go! Don’t be shy – girl chat usually makes your friendship even closer!


You don’t want to have your waxing treatment right next to where someone’s having their nails done, it won’t make you feel more relaxed!


It’s much nicer to have the same therapist each time rather than have to keep switching and having that ‘someone new is looking at my vagina – are they going to hurt me’ feeling all over again!


Make sure they use ‘hot wax’ or ‘hard wax’ or ‘stripless wax’ rather than strip wax! (Find out what hot wax is here).


Convenient and close parking – you won’t want to have to panic finding parking, then rush and get sweaty getting to your appointment! It’s something not many think about but trust me – it’s a must! If it’s free parking then even better!


If you’re struggling to find a the best salon for a Hollywood wax in the Kent area, then look no further! Book your appointment with me online here.