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How much does a Hollywood Wax cost in the UK?

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How much does a Hollywood or Brazilian wax cost?

Hollywood waxes are more expensive than Brazilian waxes as they are more involved, take longer and use more product (check out the difference between Brazilian, Hollywood & Bikini wax here).


Across the UK, Brazilian & Hollywood waxes can vary between £15 and £70 on average. These prices tend to be higher when in London or a spa hotel.


As I’m based in the South East, Kent. I’m going to focus more specifically on my local area. The prices vary as follows:


Bikini Wax: £10 – £22

Brazilian Wax £18 – £30

Hollywood Wax: £24 – £55



These prices vary on many factors, location, products used, profit margin of the individual salon, and the clients they are aiming for.


Although I understand price is a factor in many clients minds when choosing a salon, I encourage you to not only consider price, but also consider the reviews, the wax products, the therapist, and the location itself.

If you’ve ever wondered – how do I find the best Hollywood wax? Here’s what to look for when choosing a salon for your Hollywood Wax.