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How Much Does a Hollywood Wax Cost in the UK?

Hollywood Wax Cost - graphic

How much does a Hollywood Wax cost compared to a Brazilian Wax?

Hollywood waxes are more expensive than Brazilian waxes as they are more involved, take longer and use more product (check out the difference between Brazilian, Hollywood & Bikini wax here).


Across the UK, Brazilian & Hollywood wax cost can vary between £15 and £70 on average. These prices tend to be highest when in London or a spa hotel.


As I’m based in the South East, Kent. I’m going to focus more specifically on my local area. The prices vary as follows:


Bikini Wax: £10 – £22

Brazilian Wax £18 – £30

Hollywood Wax: £24 – £55


These prices vary on many factors, location, products used, profit margin of the individual salon, and the clients they are aiming for.


Although I understand price is a factor in many clients minds when choosing a salon, I encourage you to not only consider price, but also consider the reviews, the wax products, the therapist, and the location itself.


If you’re a bit lost as to how to find the best Hollywood Wax – here’s a list of what to look for when choosing a salon!


If you’re looking for a waxing specialist – I’m here to help – you can book any of my waxing treatments online here.