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Can I Have a Hollywood Wax on My Period?

Can I have a Hollywood Wax on my period - graphic

Can I get a Hollywood wax on my period?

Yes – you can get a Hollywood Wax on your period! 


We advise it might be a little less comfortable during this time as your skin might be more sensitive. We also recommend that you wear a tampon for your wax to ensure the best results possible and make you feel more comfortable. *If you’re using a tampon, you might be asked to hold or tuck the string out of the way of the wax!


Being on your period is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about – it’s completely normal so don’t be afraid to say!


*It’s to the discretion of each therapist and salon, so although most therapists have absolutely no problem – including myself – you should ask your salon ‘can I get a Hollywood wax on my period’ for peace of mind.


If you’re looking to book a comfortable Hollywood wax, we have no shame or embarrassment at BodySecrets! You can book your appointment online here.