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Is a Hollywood Wax Popular?

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Is Hollywood Wax Popular?

I often get asked which is the most popular wax, a Brazilian wax or Hollywood Wax? In my salon, a Hollywood Wax is by far the most popular treatment.


Most of my clients choose a Hollywood over a Brazilian. However, if you’re new to waxing sometimes a Brazilian or Bikini Wax can be a good way of easing into a Hollywood Wax. 


You might feel more comfortable with your therapist once you’ve tried less intimate waxing, and also know what to expect from your wax experience. So if you’re unsure about a Hollywood, start with a Bikini or Brazilian. Find out why Hollywood waxing is so popular!

If you’re looking to try Hollywood Waxing, I’d love to help. I’m an Intimate Waxing specialist – you can book an appointment online.