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Massage: Which type should I choose?

Not sure what massage to choose?

I have many clients asking me which massage I would recommend, so I have written a guide to describe each type and also included my honest opinion of each, I hope you find this helpful! The four main types of massage I currently offer are; Indian Head, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, and Swedish. Each has different therapeutic results, and can help individuals in different ways.

Indian Head Massage:

Indian Head massage can be a great introduction for beginners as it gets you used to the touch of a therapist and can make you feel more confident about having a back, neck & shoulder or full body therapy! 

I love Indian Head massages. I find them incredibly relaxing, and they make me feel amazing! A range of different techniques are used to relax the muscles in the scalp, face, neck and shoulders. If you find you have trouble concentrating, difficulties sleeping and relaxing, headaches or blocked sinuses then Indian Head therapy can help ease these problems. 

Of course you don’t have to suffer from any of the above problems to warrant Indian Head Therapy. Personally I treat myself to these when I’m feeling a little tense or in the need of some TLC!

Woman having face massage during Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Aromatherapy Massage:

Aromatherapy massages are a divine way to relax whilst inhaling the healing herbal oils used on the skin. Aromatherapy tends to adopt slower movements and uses slightly less pressure than Swedish Massage. The slow movements evoke slower and deeper breathing, similar to just before you fall asleep! 

I find that aromatherapy massages are a brilliant way to unwind after a long week and really indulge in some ‘me time’! Sometimes I enjoy having a little chat with my therapist. But rarely do I get time where I can just be quiet and think my own thoughts and really truly relax! So I often use the time when I’m having an aromatherapy treatment to do just this!

Another bonus for me is I love the different smells of the oils! They melt into your skin and stay with you for hours afterwards, so the therapeutic effects continue to work after the massage!


Aromatherapy oils and pebbles

Aromatherapy Massage

Hot Stone Massage:

Hot Stone Massage is such an indulgent treatment! The heat glides into your muscles and soothes them, relaxing them and making you feel warm and cosy at the same time. The heat can be incredibly nourishing to the body and really helps to ease any muscle pain or stiffness. 

I love hot stone massages! It’s the perfect solution for after a strenuous week! They are so relaxing, it feels like you’re being cocooned in warmth! They are a gorgeous treat in winter months but very soothing in the summer also!


Woman having a massage with hot stones on her back

Hot Stone Massage

Swedish Massage:

Swedish Massage uses firm pressure to work into the muscles, releasing both physical and mental tension! I find that Swedish Therapy is a lovely way to get into a relaxed mindset! When I’m having a this I love focusing on nothing but the rhythm of my breathing and the unique feeling of each movement! As with the other massages, the oil used is incredibly nourishing to the skin, so it’s a great solution to rehydrate dry or tired skin. Also the massage movements helps the circulation of blood, this improves the condition of the skin, making it softer and more supple!

Everyone has their own requirements when it comes to massage. Some people have specific problem areas that they need more attention on, some people use the therapy as a way of soothing sore or stuff muscles after exercise. Others use massage for a whole holistic experience, to relax the body and mind together as a whole. Personally I have them for all of the above reasons! These are definitely one of my favourite treats, I would highly recommend trying one!

Relaxed woman having a back massage

Swedish Massage

Thank you for reading and I hope you have found this helpful. If you would like to know more information or prices please click Here!

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