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Make Up: How and Where Should I Buy It?

How & Where to buy make up

Help me choose the right make up!

Buying new make up can be a difficult task, now we are moving into Spring it’s time to update our make up collection. Throughout the different seasons our skin goes through different torments, causing it to get dry, oily or just disobedient! Along with the different seasons bringing new and exciting make up looks, it’s time for a change! Usually when I find my favourite products I tend to stick to them, but I love trialing new make up to keep my collection fresh.

It can be daunting when you’re looking at buying new make up! You don’t want to waste money on something that won’t suit you. So if you’re a little hesitant before buying new products, try looking online for make up reviews. Looking at Beauty Bloggers, or YouTube videos is a great start to get an idea of the products that are out there. To see different colours/shades on skin – you can Google search ‘product name and colour swatch’. If you are looking for swatches of lip products I would definitely recommend searching ‘BeautywithEmilyFox’ on YouTube ( She swatches a wide range of lip products and gives an impartial view on the colour, durability and quality of both high and lower end lip products. 

I would also recommend going in-store to ask the make up artists in the shop what products they would recommend.  If you know exactly what product and colour you want then it may be best to shop online and keep an eye out for special offers. However, if you’re not sure what shade would suit you best, I would always advise trying before you buy. 

If you’re interested in ‘high street’ make up or ‘drug store’ make up then you want to go to one of the high street retailers such as Boots or Superdrug. Some of these stores will have specialists that can help you choose the right make up for you, however some of the stores just have testers for you to try yourself. You can test the colour on your skin, the smell of the product and how it feels to the touch. Another advantage of trying the products in store is that you can test how the product will react with your skin, some make up may cause a reaction to those with sensitive skin.

If you’re looking to buy more high end make up, you might try department stores such as House of Fraser or Debenhams, where you will most often find a big section devoted to skincare and beauty. These department stores often have a variety of different make up brands within them, usually accompanied by a selection of products and trained make up artists. Most high end make up brands also have their own shops, so only exhibit their brand. An advantage of going to single branded stores is that they are likely to stick a wider range of their products. But if you’re open minded to other brands then a department store may be ideal as you can sample a range of different brands.

When you go to a ‘high end’ make up counter, you should always feel able to ask the make up artists’ advice. It helps if you can go to them with a clear idea in your mind, what you want to achieve, or what problem you want to solve. For example, ‘I have combination skin and I want to try a new foundation that doesn’t dry my skin out’ or ‘I have really dark circles under my eyes and I can’t seem to find a product that covers it without being too heavy’. The last of those two is a genuine example of one of my problems, (I will explain how I solved this problem in another post!).

The make up artists will then recommend certain products for you and can also apply a small amount on your skin for you to trial. Sometimes they might also be able to offer a sample for you to take away at try at your leisure. It is completely acceptable for you not to buy the products immediately. By all means take a note of the make up artists name/business card if you wish to buy specifically from them at the store another time. But I have made the mistake of buying products after having them put on in a store, thinking they are amazing, and found that they haven’t lasted well and were not as impressive as I first thought! You or the make up artist can make a note of the product names and product shades/colours before leaving the store so you can buy after trialling.

Top tip: If you feel happy to, try to go into make up shops wearing little or no make-up! This way you will be able to find shades that suit you best. It’s all fine and well to try products on the back of your hand, but it’s important to test the colour of a foundation or concealer on your face also. Otherwise you might end up buying a product too light or too dark for your skin tone. You should also leave the product on until you go outside as it can look completely different in natural daylight to the bright lights in shops. An added benefit of keeping the tested products on for a while is that you can test the longevity of the products. This is useful when trying new lip or eye products, you can see how long they last and how they respond to water, and general wear.

Young woman putting make up (eyeliner) on herself

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