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Top 10 Winter Skincare Tips! #WinterSkinReliefDay

Winter Skincare

Today (8th January 2018) is National Winter Skin Relief Day!

Let’s face it the weather hasn’t been the best… a mixture of bitter cold and windy showers isn’t the best for our moods, or our skin! So here’s a collection of my top 10 tips on how to look after your skin this Winter! 


Woman's skin in winter



1. Avoid long, hot showers (where possible)!

I know that all you want after a chilly day is to have an indulgent, hot shower – but, this can actually dehydrate your skin! (Seems bizarre, right?). The hot water removes the natural oils from your skin, which causes mild inflammation. This can cause cracking when your skin dries. Welcome to cracked heels city!


2. Have shorter, ‘lukewarm’ showers.

After coming in from the cold weather, the less time your skin is exposed to hot water the better! So have a shorter shower with lukewarm water to avoid the nasty cracking we mentioned above!


3. Pat dry your skin after a bath/shower.

Avoid scrubbing your skin dry with a towel, use a gentle patting motion with a soft towel instead! This will also help reduce potential irritation and inflammation that can lead to cracking skin!


4. Moisturise in the bathroom, after a shower!

This sounds quite specific but it’s genius. After a shower or bath, the bathroom will be humid, this keeps the skin fairly moist, so before opening the bathroom door, slather on some moisturiser. The addition of moisturiser helps to lock this moisture in! (How many times can you say moist in one paragraph! Moist.)


5. Use a humidifier (especially at night).

Radiators and heaters are great for keeping you toasty but well known for drying out your skin! To combat this, try using a small humidifier in your bedroom to add moisture back into the air. This will help prevent your skin from drying out AND help with a more restful night’s sleep!


6. Moisturise (at night)

We often moisturise as part of our morning make-up routine, but can neglect our skin at night! It’s important to keep our skin hydrated at night as mentioned in the above tip – we can get dehydrated with the added house heating! Add in a quick moisturise to your bedtime routine, even if it’s just the drier areas of your body e.g. elbows, knees, hands and feet.


7. Exfoliate gently, then moisturise.

Moisturiser will be far more effective if it’s easily absorbed into the skin. By removing the excess dead skin cells (exfoliating) the moisturiser can penetrate the skin more deeply and you won’t be left with excess product on the surface. I found my all-time favourite exfoliating product several years ago in Greece during a Hammam treatment. It’s a ‘silk’ glove  and it’s my skin’s best friend! Not silk as you know it, it has a slightly rough surface which works more effectively at removing the dead cells than anything else I’ve ever used. A winter essential, exfoliating should be used once or twice a week.


8. Drink plenty of water.

I’m sure you’re all bored of being told to drink more water – it’s probably on every healthy ‘top tips’ blog there ever was. But that is for a reason – it’s so important! On average it’s recommended that you drink 2 litres of water a day. Your body needs water in order for you organs to function, even on a cellular level. It’s made so easy these days; there are bottles with times printed on them e.g. drink half by noon. There are countless apps which remind you stop and have a drink of water. The list goes on! In Winter however, we seldom fancy a cold glass of water, favouring a hot mug of something. Why not try some warm water in the morning, you can infuse it with mint, lemon, orange, ginger etc to make it more palatable if you prefer!


9. Become a lip balm wearer!

Here’s an excuse to keep more make-up in your handbag! Apply a nice, nourishing lip balm daily – top up as needed and you’re sure to feel the benefits. Dried, chapped, cracked lips are on no one’s Christmas wishlist, yet here they are! I recommend using lip balm regularly BEFORE the lips become and  dry and cracked. As it’s easier to prevent dryness, keeping them soft and supple, than to smooth out the flaky lips we all dread.


10. Last, but not least… Look at the products you’re using on your skin!

Are these products working for your purpose right now? Perhaps they were great in summer, when all we had to worry about was SPF and excess sweat. But now, our needs have changed. Put away the harsh, oil stripping cleansers, the light, perfumed moisturisers, save those from the warmer weather. Now, opt for heavier, more nourishing creams and serums (considered a concentrated moisturiser). Although I mentioned SPF being for the warmer weather, it shouldn’t be neglected now. The Winter sun can still be very strong, so you should continue to use products with an appropriate SPF on your skin. You know how your skin feels after using certain products, if it feels dried our after using any of your current products, I’d put this aside for now and replace it with a more hydrating product.

We use nourishing products in our personalised, BodySecrets facials. The perfect winter treat to keep the skin hydrated and the mind calm. Read more below:

I really hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and can put them to good use, keeping your skin Winter wonderful!

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