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Thai Massage (Exclusive to women!)

Thai massage is perfect for you if you; have taut muscles, feel stressed, need relaxing, or have everyday aches and pains.

‘Thai Massage’, ‘Thai Yoga Massage’ or ‘Nuad Borarn’ is a unique therapy. Originating in ancient Thailand, it has been used for centuries to heal the mind and body.

Thai massage combines acupressure, compression and stretching techniques. Unlike most western massages, you will be fully dressed and lay down on supportive mats on the floor. Your body will be gently manipulated into positions to allow deep stretching and realignment. It is common practice for the therapist to use their hands, thumbs, elbows and arms when performing this treatment.

thai massage

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Intro to Thai Massage (35 mins) 

In this treatment we will perform many of the techniques used in traditional Thai massage to relax and heal you. We’ll focus on your specific needs or problems in order to give you a personalised treatment. *Please wear loose/stretchy/comfy clothing for this massage!*

Full Body Thai Massage (80 mins) 

This full body treatment will have you stretched and soothed from head to toe. We’ll focus on rebalancing your emotional and physical state as we work through the massage. Using traditional thai techniques we will increase mobility in stiff joints, relax tense muscles, and improve your posture. 

In this massage we’ll also work deeply into your hands and feet, as we often tend to neglect our hands and feet! Treat yourself to a totally new experience with this full body Thai Massage and feel the benefits! *Please wear loose/stretchy/comfy clothing for this massage!*

Swedish Massage with a Thai Twist! (80 mins) 

This massage is perfect for those who want a combo of Thai style stretching and kneading with relaxing and deep Swedish techniques. This massage will be performed on the massage couch, as with normal swedish massage, and oil will be used on the skin. If you’ve never tried Thai massage before, then this is a great way to get started into the world of Thai!
(If you have any questions feel free to contact me on: 07534389011)

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Preparing for your Thai Massage 

• Practice deep breathing to relax
• Avoid eating a heavy meal directly before the massage
• Wear loose, comfy clothing without buttons/zips (for your comfort)
• Preferably relax for the rest of the day
• Remove all jewellery

After your Thai Massage

• Drink plenty of water (6-8 glasses daily)
• Use aromatherapy oils in the bath/on pillow to relax before bed
• Choose a healthy and balanced diet with fruit and vegetables for clear skin
• Decrease alcohol consumption and smoking to keep your complexion clear and healthy
• Massages are advised every 2-4 weeks (ideally) or at least once every 2 months
• Exercise regularly to tone muscles, include stretching to stay supple
• Take a warm bath at least once a week to relax muscles
• Exfoliate and moisturise regularly



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