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Stress, is it necessary?

Do you ever get stressed?

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t felt stress in their life.

Feeling stressed is part of our human evolution. Feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with our surroundings can cause stress. Unexpected changes, or things not going our way can also cause stress.

We can’t stop external things changing, and we might not always be happy with what we have. But we can change the way we think and feel, in order to reduce our stress.


Common beliefs about stress… It:

Motivates us,
Is unavoidable,
Must be accepted,
Is essential in our life.


I want to challenge the above beliefs because it’s simply not true that we MUST feel stressed. And more often than not, stress is far more harmful to us than it ever is useful.


You aren’t motivated by stress, in fact, it’s very hard to feel positive and motivated when you feel stressed

Stress is avoidable, by taking time to relax and checking in with yourself, you can feel less stress in your life

You do not have to accept stress, you can change it. You should allow ourselves to be happy by pursuing things that makes you feel happy and relaxed

Feeling stressed is not essential, it’s negative and should be avoided. Relaxation however – is essential and should be practiced regularly


In conclusion, feeling stressed is bad, for both us and those around us. But, once you realise that stress is just a hormonal reaction that comes from thoughts, you can begin to challenge your feeling of stress. Don’t neglect your relaxation time, as relaxation is far more important that stress. It will get you so much closer to where you want to be!

If you’re feeling stressed, one of the best ways to calm down and relax is to practice deep-breathing, and treat yourself to a soothing massage once in a while!

You do not have to stress!

Best wishes,