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Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

A pre-natal massage can help you in the following ways!

Pregnancy massage, or ‘pre-natal massage’ is a wonderful treat for your pregnant loved one.


#1 Reduce risk of stretch marks

Stretch marks, perhaps the most common and least desirable trait associated with pregnancy. Stretch marks are caused by the body growning at a rapid rate, they can appear as dark purple lines in the skin, but after a while they often turn a pale silver colour and are much less obvious.

To help prevent stretch marks, I recommend using a nourishing oil all over your body on a daily basis. It’s a labour of love but it’s definitely worth doing! There are plenty of products available specifically for when pregnant, to help reduce the risk of stretch marks. Regular massages are an excellent way of making sure that the oil penetrates the skin and keeps it moisturised, to allow easier growth with less stretch marks.


#2 Improves posture

As your baby grows, your body will undergo many different changes, your posture, muscle tone and flexibilty can all deteriorate. Pregnancy massage helps to improve your posture, working on tight muscles to ensure you have good flexibility. This will help you especially in your in third trimester, when you’re struggling with carrying the extra weight!


#3 Reduce sciatic nerve pain

As your baby grows, pressure in your uterus builds which can compress your sciatic nerve. This causes a shooting pain felt from your buttocks and upper thigh down to your foot. If you’re suffering from these pains, pre-natal massage can help to release the nerve and loosen up the muscles, to relieve pain.


#4 Reduce stress & anxiety

Pregnancy can be a stressful time, with the concoction of hormones flooding through your body and the unknown future, it’s easy to feel anxious. The combination of human contact and relaxing massage strokes release endorphins in your body. Causing you to feel happy and at ease.


#5 Improve sleep

As above, with the release of endorphins and soothing touch, your mind will feel clearer and you will feel happier. This aids with deeper and more restful sleep, I always recommend having a relaxing afternoon after your massage, and trying to get an early night as you often feel sleepy afterwards.


#6 Soothe back pain

As your pregnancy progresses and your baby grows, back pain is common. Both upper and lower back pain can be caused by the change in your posture. Massage can release oxytocin and endorphins, which help to alleviate the pain. I tailor each pre-natal massage to focus on your problem areas to release tight muscles and soothe aches.


#7 Reduce swelling of joints

Swelling or oedema around the joints is caused by restricted bloodflow – often associated with latter stages of pregnancy. If you’re experiencing swollen hands, feet, and lower legs during your pregnancy, you’ll find that massage can help to reduce the swelling and improve joint movement.


#8 Reduce heartburn

Heartburn is almost inevitable during pregnancy, this side effect is caused by the digestive tract becoming slower and the effects are worsened by stress. As massage reduces stress levels, heartburn can also be reduced.


#9 Reduce risk of anaemia/iron deficiency

Women can often find they become anaemic or low in Iron during pregnancy, this can manifest in a number of ways, tiredness being a main factor. Pre-natal massage will boost your blood and lymph circulation. This will increase the red blood cell count, producing more haemoglobin, and also increase iron in-take.


#10 Increases blood circulation

Increased blood circulation will also move nutrients and oxygen more effectively around the body, helping both mother and foetus to thrive. Pre-natal massage also stimulates the lymphatic system, which aids removal of toxins, and can improve immunity.


#11 Relieve headaches & migraines

Headaches and migraines are frequent during pregnancy, this can be due to hormones, stress and poor posture. Pregnancy massage – especially one that includes a scalp massage – can really help to alleviate headaches and tension.

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