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Pregnancy Massage at Body Secrets

Pregnancy is an exciting yet exhausting time!
There are very few moments in which 
you can relax and unwind.
We created our new range of Pre-Natal pamper packages so now – you can!

Back, Neck & Shoulder (& Bump!) Massage*

A relaxing massage focusing on your back, neck & shoulders to aid with the physiological changes your body is going through. Grapeseed oil is used and is very good at keeping your skin hydrated and helping to prevent stretch marks.

Full Body & Bump (including Face & Scalp) Massage*

This full body massage is designed to totally relax you and your baby. It is an indulgent treat which you deserve! I use Grapeseed oil in the massage which helps to nourish your skin and reduce risk of stretchmarks. Other benefits include; improving blood flow, easing tight muscles, and helping you sleep better!

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*Pre-Natal massages are perfectly safe and can relax both you and your baby during pregnancy. In order to have a pregnancy massage you must be; considered to have a ‘low risk pregnancy’ and past your first trimester.*


Pregnant woman - benefits of pregnant massage

Read more benefits of Pregnancy Massage here:

Preparing for your Pregnancy Massage

• Practice deep breathing to relax
• Exfoliate your body the day before the massage
• Avoid wearing best clothing as oil residue may mark it slightly
• Avoid any body creams or skincare products immediately before the massage
• Wear little or no make-up prior to the treatment (if face being massaged)
• Avoid eating a heavy meal directly before the massage
• Preferably relax for the rest of the day
• Remove all jewellery

After your Pregnancy Massage

• Drink plenty of water (6-8 glasses daily)
• Choose a balanced diet with fruit and vegetables for clear skin
• Massages are advised every 2-4 weeks (ideally) or at least once every 2 months
• Gentle exercise and stretching to tone muscles and stay supple
• Take a warm bath at least once a week to relax muscles
• Exfoliate and moisturise regularly


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