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At BodySecrets we love massage. We think everyone, (yes even you!) will benefit from a massage, and you certainly deserve it!

Personally, I have studied and trained in many different styles of massage, and am always looking out for new therapies to learn!

Although each massage therapy is unique, we aim for excellent results each time. Whether you’re main goal is; muscle ease, relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief, posture improvement, joint mobility, flexibility or just because you deserve a treat! We want you to have a wonderful experience each and every time you visit us, and leave BodySecrets feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!


We have the following massage therapies currently on offer, click each to find out more!


Preparing for your Massage Treatment

• Practice deep breathing to relax
• Exfoliate your body the day before the massage
• Avoid wearing best clothing as oil residue may mark it slightly
• Avoid any body creams or skincare products immediately before the massage
• Wear little or no make-up prior to the treatment (if face being massaged)
• Avoid eating a heavy meal directly before the massage
• Preferably relax for the rest of the day
• Remove all jewellery

After your Massage Treatment

• Drink plenty of water (6-8 glasses daily)
• Avoid direct sunlight / saunas / sunbeds for 48 hours
• Use aromatherapy oils in the bath/on pillow to relax before bed
• Choose a healthy and balanced diet with fruit and vegetables for clear skin
• Decrease alcohol consumption and smoking to keep your complexion clear and healthy
• Massages are advised every 2-4 weeks (ideally) or at least once every 2 months
• Exercise regularly to tone muscles, include stretching to stay supple
• Take a warm bath at least once a week to relax muscles
• Exfoliate and moisturise regularly