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How Do I Organise My Make Up?

Where do I start with organising my make up?

I have lots of make up, too much really. But can anyone ever have too much make up…? I have products for day wear, evening wear, products I always wear, products I’ve worn once and probably will never wear again (so hurtful – to learn how to avoid wasting money on make up, read my post HERE!).

Ideally, I’d like to take all of my products with me at all times, I would be prepared for any situation at any time. Of course this isn’t feasible as I can’t take a suitcase everywhere with me! So therefore I have to choose my favourites, and leave the others behind. This can be brutal, but prioritising is an essential part of streamlining your make up collection!

Some of you will find this easier than others, some women have about five key products they use and will pop them in their purse or handbag – perfect! However if you have a larger collection you will find it easier if you categorise them. I group my make up into the following; face, eyes, lips, and brushes. It doesn’t really matter how you categorise them as long as it’s logical to you. I picked these four main groups because I tend to do use one group of products at a time – plus my make up bag has four pockets.


My make up essentials in each group:

Face: blusher, highlighter and contour duo, concealer, foundation, powder, primer.

Eyes: eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara.

Lips: lip liner, lipstick, lipgloss

Brushes: small eyeshadow brush, large powder brush, medium blush/contour brush, foundation brush, concealer brush.


What’s the next step?

For each product, choose as many as you feel appropriate! For example you probably won’t need three different foundations but three different eyeshadows or three different lipsticks is definitely permissible! Also consider on how you can save space, by using one product that can double as another product (e.g. eyeshadow and contour/highlighter) or using one compact that contains many shades or colours. 

How much room you have in your make up bag and how much you want to carry will determine how much of each type you choose!  Also if you favour an emphasis on your eyes over lips then you should choose to take more eye make up! 

I would highly recommend buying a make up bag that has separate compartments. I bought one from TK Maxx and I love it! It has four compartments that are translucent so you can see into each compartment, they vary in size too so you’ll be able to fit each make up category in accordingly. I think I paid about £16 for this bag and it’s brilliant! 

This holds a lot of make up, and yes, I could cut it down even more.. As I obviously don’t wear this much make up everyday! But how much you want to take or leave is entirely up to you. In here I have all my most used day/night make up, and I can take this with me most places I want to go. 

As I mentioned earlier, if I’m going out for an evening or out for a day of shopping I will only take a few essential out with me, and carry it in a small handbag. For these occasions, I would take any items that are likely to require a touch up. So I would take the lipstick/gloss that I am wearing at the time, and potentially a concealer to neaten up existing make up and help to keep my skin flawless. I find that my eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara last well and don’t need topping up on a general evening. But if I were to go to an event where this may run (an emotional wedding for example!) then I would pack more items that are likely to need reapplying and keep them in my bag for emergencies.

Thank you for reading – I hope you have learned some useful tips on how to better organise your make up!