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How long will a Hollywood Wax last?

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How long will a Hollywood Wax last?

The question on every woman’s lips, what will my hair regrowth be like after a Hollywood, and how long will it take? When you start waxing, a Hollywood Wax will last between 3 & 6 weeks. 


In the first week after your wax: there should be little to no hair regrowth. 


In the second week: a small amount of hair will start to grow through slowly. 


In the third week: more hairs will grow back, they will still be fairly short.


In the fourth week: your hair, in theory will be perfect for waxing! So get your next wax in!


This it typical of someone who is starting out with waxing, the longer you have waxing for, you’ll notice you can wait longer between waxing, and much less hair will start to grow back.