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Chocolate Therapy

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Chocolate Therapy



First, you’ll indulge in a luxurious, edible chocolate treat. Feel the endorphins release and your mood start to lift. Now imagine yourself wrapped in a cosy cloud, with the soothing scent of chocolate gently filling the room. Now you will be treated from head to toe with delicious products, chocolate… coffee… caramel. You’ll be buffed and massaged to soothe tense muscles and relax your mind…


Your chocolate therapy journey will come to an end as you breath in the sweet caramel & chocolate tones. Now, you will be treated with more edible delights, for you to devour & enjoy. You will emerge an uplifted and refreshed new woman, with baby soft skin and a new outlook on life. Now, you can achieve anything.



What to expect during your treatment:

Personalised Massage 

Bespoke Facial

Coffee & Chocolate Scrub

Salted Caramel Massage

Cocoa Detox Mask 

Delicious Treats to eat and take home with you


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