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Why do I love Hollywood waxes as a treatment? This sounds weird… I know. But ‘bare’ with me!  It’s one of
What is a Hollywood Wax? A Hollywood Wax (in the UK) is the removal of all pubic hair from the
When's the best time to have a Hollywood Wax? Ladies, I know how you like to be organised and plan
Top tips to make Hollywood waxing less embarrassing Although this article is about making Hollywood waxing less embarrassing – I
Is having a Hollywood Wax, Brazilian Wax or Bikini Wax embarrassing? For your first few waxes, or when you see
What's the difference between a Hollywood Wax, Brazilian & Bikini Wax? I get asked this all the time! So don't
5 Things you need to know before having a Hollywood Wax or Brazilian Wax Does the therapist use hot wax?Hot
Do I have to be naked for a Hollywood Wax? Personally I give my clients the choice of whether they
Should I take my underwear off for a Hollywood Wax? To go commando or to keep them on?There are pros
3 Things your Wax Therapist isn't telling you… We've see it all…1. We’ve seen hundreds of vaginas, yours will not
What to expect at your first Hollywood Wax or Brazilian Wax! Before your Wax1. You will be greeted by your
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