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How much does a Hollywood Wax cost compared to a Brazilian Wax? Hollywood waxes are more expensive than Brazilian waxes
Can I get a Hollywood wax on my period? Yes – you can get a Hollywood Wax on your period! 
What do you offer at BodySecrets – Kent Beauty Salon? I aim to provide the best intimate waxing (including Hollywood
Can I have a Hollywood Waxing during pregnancy? Yes, it’s perfectly safe to have a Hollywood Wax during pregnancy. Some
What is an ingrown hair? An ingrown hair is where a hair has become trapped underneath the skin as it
Is a Hollywood Wax painful? The worried expression across a new clients face when they ask… "Does it hurt?". I
Will I get a rash after a Hollywood Wax, Brazilian or Bikini Wax? One of the greatest benefits of waxing
How long does a Hollywood Wax last? The question on every woman’s lips, 'what will my hair regrowth be like
How often should I have a Hollywood wax? If you’re new to Hollywood Waxing, I would recommend you book your
When Will I Start Seeing Results from Waxing? You will see the results immediately – you will return from your
What are the pros and cons of waxing? There are so many benefits of waxing. Once making the change, many
Size doesn't matter… but length does! "How long should my hair be for waxing?" – every woman ever. I always get
Should I wax everything? Do people prefer hair or no hair? I often get asked this when clients are choosing
Is Hollywood Wax Popular? I often get asked which is the most popular wax, a Brazilian wax or Hollywood Wax?
Why choose Hollywood Wax or Brazilian Wax? After surveying my clients – these are the genuine, most popular reasons why