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What is Spray Tanning?

Suntana is made with organic plant extracts, it is 100% natural and paraben (preservative) free! It comes in three delicious fragrances; Chocolate, Cherry and Coconut. With shades to suit all skin tones, it gives you a gorgeously natural colour without harmful UV exposure.

All sunless tanning solutions contain DHA. DHA is considered the most effective sun-free tanning ingredient. It has no known toxicity and is approved for cosmetic use worldwide. When the DHA comes into contact with the skin, it temporarily changes your skin colour, providing a natural golden glow. Spray tans make you look slimmer, your teeth whiter and reduces the appearance of cellulite, giving your body a healthy looking glow!

Full Body Spray Tan •  Half Body Spray Tan

Preparing for a Spray Tanning

• Wax or shave at least 24 hours before appointment
• Do not use oily products on the skin (shower gels, creams etc)
• Exfoliating 2 or 3 times the week before your tan, moisturising daily
• Moisturise skin using an oil-free moisturiser about 12 hours before your tan
• Exfoliate 24 hours before appointment (focus on dry areas; elbows, knees, heels)
• Do not shower just before the tan, (PH levels in soaps can prevent absorption)
•Bring old, dark cotton underwear or use the disposable options we have here
• Bring loose, dark cotton clothes and flip flops to your appointment
• Remove all makeup and jewellery before arriving for your tan 

After your Tanning Treatment

• Avoid any activities which may cause perspiration for 12 hours
• Avoid bathing for the duration of the tan if possible, as it will fade faster
• If possible, avoid putting your bra back on straight away, as this can rub at the tan
• Avoid shaving for at least 24 hours afterwards as this may remove the tan from this area
• Use an oil-free suntan lotion as there is not any protection from UV rays within the solution
• Avoid exfoliating (except dry areas) and oily shower gels, this can fade it faster
• Avoid showering until the next day (at least 8 hours to develop fully)
• If staining occurs on your feet, use a pumice stone to remove this
• You can place a dark towel to lie on in bed

Maintaining your Results

• Avoid swimming pools, as chlorine can bleach your tan.
• Suntana can last up to 7-10 days if cared prepared and cared for properly.
• Have regular top-ups to keep your skin tanned and to build and extend the life of the tan.
• Moisturise daily using an oil-free tan extending moisturiser (with added DHA).
• Pat dry the skin after bathing as opposed to rubbing with a towel.

*** It is advisable to avoid spray tanning within the first 3 months of pregnancy***


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