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How long does my hair have to be for waxing?


The dreaded question… will I have to grow my hair out long to have it waxed?


One of the questions every new waxing client has is… ‘how long does my hair have to be for waxing?’ As the hair is usually quite thick and coarse before starting any waxing, this is something that scares many new to waxing!

Fear not! The good news is that your hair doesn’t have to be very long for waxing. We recommend your hair is approximately between 3mm and 5mm long. This is to ensure that we get the best results and are able to remove all the hair. If the hairs are too short, they may not get removed as efficiently.

So that’s why we don’t like the hairs being too short, but we don’t like them too long either! If your hair is longer, round the 1cm mark, there is the risk that the hairs may break and not be removed from the root, and also it may be more uncomfortable for you!

Even better news… wait for it. Is that when you wax regularly, the hair removal becomes easier, quicker, and less painful. Also, the hair regrowth improves markedly, so you need not worry about having to grow your hair long in between waxing. The hairs become finer and less noticeable the more you wax.

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