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Grooming Tips for Men


Men… it’s time to get serious about self-care.

Vanity is not something to be ashamed of… well, not if you get the right balance!


#1 Moisturise

Moisturising isn’t just for women… it’s for anyone who has skin. Do you have skin? Yes! Then you should be moisturising. Daily.

As with many male products, producers just throw stuff in together that are multipurpose so it’s low maintenence i.e. hair AND body wash… face AND body moisturiser etc. Personally I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I’ll save that for another time. I would recommend two moisturisers, one for your face and one for your body, as the formulations will be designed specifically for these areas.

Choose a face moisturiser with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) I’d recommend ‘Factor 15’ or more, this should be used daily whether you think it’s sunny or not. SPF prevents a multitude of things we don’t want, including premature ageing!


#2 Man-scaping.

You go to the hairdressers/barbers to take care of your hair, you shave or trim your beard… why would you not take care of the rest of it? Bushy eyebrows, unruly hairs coming out of your ears and nose aren’t pretty. I’m sure they are as annoying for you as they are for us women to look at. Trust me, we notice. Having good eyebrows will really impress a woman. It sounds silly but it shows that you’re taking care of yourself and in control. Ergo you can also take care of them! Women like men to show that they have their **** together.

I would recommend going to a professional to have your brows shaped for the first time. I’d recommend keeping them fairly thick (thin eyebrows on a man can look feminine), but just tidied and shaped. From then on you can generally maintain this at home, using a mirror and tweezers. It doesn’t take much to trim the ear & nose hair… or better yet have those removed at a salon when you’re having your brows done! We provide a Male Grooming Package (detailed below) to keep your face tidy and looking in control. Waxing is a good way of removing excess ear or nose hair because it lasts much longer than trimming, and it feels fresh and makes you look younger! 


#3 Don’t be afraid of fake tan!

It’s a bit of a controversial one but bear with me, as we all know too much sun can be detrimental to the skin, so instead why not fake it? Fake tans have come a long way now and most of them won’t turn you orange! If you’re nervous, I’d recommend starting with a gradual tan, these come in the form of moisturisers (which are a must – as I mentioned above). Choose the colour based on your skin tone, i.e. if you are quite fair, use light to medium, or if you’ve got a good base tan, perhaps medium to dark would be more appropriate.

If you’re feeling totally out of your depth, turn to the professionals! I tan both male and female clients in a private room, my waiting room is your discreet place to relax and feel comfortable, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed. I also give advice on how to keep your tan looking natural and longlasting.

If you need any more convincing on the tan, what is the classic ‘type’ women are after? Tall, dark and handsome. Tans take off that harsh glow of white skin that us Brits are so familiar with. Honestly I think we reflect the sunlight rather than absorb… Tans also make our teeth appear whiter, our eyes appear brighter, our bodies seem slimmer & more toned (without even going to the gym!) and in general we appear more healthy and glowing!


#4 Floss

Women love great teeth, who doesn’t? Keep your smile clean and gleaming by flossing! I’m not a dentist, I don’t like going to the dentist… BUT this tiny little action keeps your breath fresh, and your smile more attractive.

When I started flossing I found it awkward and it took a few weeks to get used to it, but now it’s well and truly engrained into my self care routine. Floss regularly, if not daily then at least 3 x a week, to make a big difference in your smile.


#5 Nails

Hands and feet. Both are equally as important. Women don’t like dirty, jagged nails, they look unkept and messy. We like neat, short nails, that are clean and not going to stab us by mistake. Obviously if you work outdoors or in certain industries your hands may not look ‘picture perfect’, women don’t mind that. But we don’t want your hands and feet to look like you’ve lived barefoot in the jungle for a month!

I can’t stress enough that it’s not feminine to look after yourself, it’s important for your self worth and confidence, not just the way others see you. Women notice and really appreciate all these little efforts you make in order to take care of yourself!

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