Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Tinting*

Eyebrow tinting adds definition to the brows – these are such an important facial feature! We have a variety of colours which we will custom blend to suit you. During the consultation, you and your therapist will discuss your preferences and choose the colour accordingly. (10 minutes) £7

Eyelash Tinting*

Eyelash tinting is great for intensifying the colour of lashes. After tinting, lashes look longer because the natural colour of the lashes fade at the tips. Tinting is ideal as it makes your lashes appear longer and darker without the need for mascara. Both eyebrow and eyelash tinting lasts for about 4- 6 weeks, and can be topped up when it fades to boost the colour and results. (20 minutes) £10

Cluster/Party Lashes*

Cluster lashes; these are clusters of about 6 lashes which are placed along the lash line on the natural eyelashes. They can be applied to create either a natural or a dramatic look. Cluster lashes tend to last between 4-7 days, perfect for a few nights where a little extra glamour is wanted! (30-45 minutes) £18


*If you are having any eye treatments, we require you to come in at least 24 hours prior to your appointment for a patch test. We do this to ensure that you don’t have allergies to our products, this is only required for your first appointment of this type. The patch test will only take several minutes. We will place a small amount of the product either behind your ear, or in the crook of your elbow, and this should be left for at least 12 hours.

Preparing for your Treatment

• Remove contact lenses before tinting  (eyelashes)
• Ensure you have had a patch test at least 24 hours before (with no reaction)
• Avoid wearing eye make-up for eyelash tinting or eyelash extension (mascara/eyeliner)

After your Treatment

• Avoid heat treatments for 24 hours (sauna, sunbathing etc) as this can fade the tint
• Avoid make up or any further eye treatments for 24 hours
• Avoid putting contact lenses in for a few hours
• Avoid rubbing eyes