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Best Products for My Skin

Best Skincare Products

In this post I will mention the products that I’ve found work best for me. They may not suit everyone, but they have my seal of approval! This is not a paid or sponsored post, I do not receive any affiliate fees. This post is totally based on my personal and professional opinion!



Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation:

I love the Illamasqua brand, they are totally against Animal Cruelty, and don’t test any products on Animals. They also have over 100 Vegan products available! My favourite product that I’ve tried is their Skin Base Foundation. For my skin (a little dry with an oily T-zone – combination skin type!), this foundation lasts all day, covers imperfections pretty well, and just gives the skin a really nice finish, with decent pigmentation. Another bonus of this foundation is that one bottle lasts a long time! Because you only need a little squeeze, and the design of the bottle is to minimise wastage, you really do get to use every last drop. *This foundation is Vegan* and to me, is the best foundation!




Yves Rocher Zero Blemish Cream Gel

I actually found this by accident, I was buying my mum a perfume from Yves Rocher for Christmas one year, and came across this little gem! This moisturiser has got a lovely scent, fresh, almost cucumber/melony. It’s so soothing to the skin, you only have to apply a little and it gives your full face a glow, leaving no greasy or oily residue. This facial moisturiser is a good base for foundation, as it mattifies any oiliness in the skin, allowing longer lasting foundation wear.


Spot Remover:

TCP liquid (also found in most supermarkets!)

This is an unusual one, but I really rate this product! Firstly, when using this, make sure you read the instructions! TCP has many uses, including treating; sore throats, mouth ulcers, cuts and bites. It is an antiseptic, and so is great at helping reduce spot size, and growth. I am not particularly prone to spots, but every now and again I get a bad spot… you know… the ones that grow under the skin into a big painful lump and never come to anything. I use TCP liquid straight onto a cotton pad, then apply to my skin where the spot is. Every time I’ve used this, over the next day or two the spot has disappeared! TCP is also the product I recommend for ingrown hairs, when you get a small inflammation or irritation. **One thing I will mention about this, is the smell of TCP is strong! Personally I love the smell, but I think it’s a similar concept to petrol or magic markers, you love it or hate it!


I hope you have found my article helpful, on the quest to finding the best products for your skin.

Best wishes,