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The Best Pregnancy Gifts!

Pregnancy gifts Pregnant woman

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for all those involved – in an ideal world!

There’s no question that it’s a beautiful and magical experience. But let’s not forget that it can also be a bundle of stress, nerves, discomfort, excitement and hormones for 9 months!

So, in order to make your loved one’s pregnancy smooth sailing and as happy as it should be, let’s pamper them! Whether for your wife, girlfriend, sister, or best friend, if you’re looking for the perfect pregnancy gift ideas for Mum’s to be – look no further!


#1 Pregnancy Massage

A pre-natal massage is a wonderful gift for any Mum-to-be. The soothing touch provides multiple benefits for both mother and baby. *Read benefits of pre-natal massage here*. A gift voucher for a pregnancy massage is the ultimate treat. It’s a totally selfless and indulgent gift for your loved one to enjoy! I’d recommend waiting until the third trimester to have the pregnancy massage, because that’s when their stomach is growing heavier causing aches, and their mind is at it’s most restless with the impending new arrival!

At BodySecrets, we offer pregnancy massages to soothe both mums-to-be and baby. From head to toe your loved one will be relaxed and massaged, not forgetting a moisturising bump massage! Gift vouchers are available – email with your enquiry to receive your personalised pregnancy gift voucher! 

#2 Daily Pamper Kit

Putting together a daily pamper kit with things like stretch-mark oil, peppermint foot lotion, a relaxing aromatherapy candle and a couple of books by their favourite author. Although it’s important to stay mobile and active during the pregnancy, it’s also important to have some relaxation time. The above products will help to relax and indulge the mum-to-be, whilst making them feel pampered.


#3 A Good Night’s Rest!

This is essential for a happy mum-to-be, so go all out! I’m talking a pregnancy body pillow, aromatherapy sleep spray, a soothing eye-mask, comfy, stretchy maternity pyjamas, fluffy socks – and don’t forget the lie-in!


#4 A Maternity Photo Shoot

This gift, unlike the above isn’t for pampering purposes, it is however a fun experience which gives you a lovely momento to keep forever. I recommend following this photo shoot by an afternoon tea to round off a great day.


#5 Think Practical!

A collection of practical gifts are always appreciated! Here are some of the most useful – a V-shaped nursing pillow – great for either bottle or breast-feeding. A few jumbo packs of nappies, you could present this as a nappy cake (see pinterest!). If you’re a decent cook, find out their favourite meals, and cook some ready for their freezer! If you’re not into cooking, the vouchers for somewhere like COOK ( that you can buy good quality homemade meals from and defrost at will. It sounds a little old fashioned but it’s a priceless gift, especially in those first few weeks with a newborn! If in doubt, ask what the mum-to-be would find useful, offer a few of the above suggestions to give her some ideas.

P.S if you’re going to put together #5 practical gifts, I’d definitely recommend adding in some pamper gifts too so Mum can feel spoiled!

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